Decorative Mirrors for your Modern Apartments

In traditional west end apartments Nashville, it’s quite common for people to have the separate mirror in all the bathrooms. They are quite useful for all the individuals living in an apartment allowing them to keep a check on how they look as they wash, maintain appearance and dress up. It is quite rare to go to a bathroom where there is a sink but no mirror. It gives a naked look, and you feel like something is missing. This shows the extent to which we’re accustomed to being able to see images of our own. A mirror makes up a major part of one’s daily life.

Beyond your bathroom is, however, where the mirrors can be able to serve various functions. Walls can be adorned by the use of decorative mirrors on the walls in some strategic places as they offer that illusion of extra space. They also allow the guests to have a quick check on their hair, their appearance, etc. So many ways are out there in which you can make use of the decorative mirrors inside your apartment. Here are some of the important suggestions for you to consider!

The decorative mirrors can very well be combined with the furniture pieces just like the cabinet front. A cabinet, for instance, can be built into the wall, and you can add a mirror to your cabinet’s front door. It would double up its functionality. The mirror stays adjacent to the wall but can also be opened up for storing different items within. It is important that you should try to use these mirrors as creatively in your apartment as you can.

One of the most common characteristic often associated with mirrors is that they create an illusion of extra space in any premises. Mirrors tend to give your small space an appearance of being a lot larger than what it is actual. In such a situation, decorative mirrors are the best ones to use, and they can become the perfection addition in most of the family rooms, hallways or living rooms. You can cheat on your apartment’s actual dimensions and give your apartment a sort of boost with mirrors that are placed strategically and serve the desired purpose.

It is always a good idea to introduce mirrors into your public as well as private rooms. The look and convenience of the decorative mirrors in hallway can’t simply be underestimated, however, make sure that you add a mirror in your bedroom or bathroom as well if one is not there already. Mirrors can be found for all the occasions, and having decorative mirrors in your apartment can be a real difference at the end of the day. You just have to ensure that your apartment decoration doesn’t go without the incorporation of mirrors.

Maintaining Your Apartment While You’re Gone on Vacation

Its summer time or holiday season and you’re excited about going on vacation. Whether you’re going back home or traveling to an exotic location, then you will be leaving your West End Apartments Nashville unoccupied for a while. If you are going to leave your apartment for a few months, there are several things you need to take care of before you leave. Those steps should take a couple hours of your time and shouldn’t be too complicated but could definitely save you a great amount of hassle later on and would provide you with the peace of mind you need while you’re away.

Before you leave, you need to get in touch with the utility company to make sure they will keep on your utilities. Inform them that you’ll be leaving and check for their recommendations on steps to take to keep your utilities on. You don’t want to come back to West End Apartments not to find electricity.

If it’s too hot or humid, you may want to keep your AC on, on a low level. Yes will need to pay to keep your apartment cool while you’re not there but that’s because you don’t want to ruin your furniture that could be a lot more costly. Keeping the AC on will maintain some air circulation in the apartment and keep the humidity down while you’re away. Humidity can potentially cause a lot of harm to your apartment’s walls as well as furniture.

Never unplug your fridge, unless you’re willing to let microbes and mold grow in your fridge potentially destroying your fridge. However, if you do decide to switch of the fridge then make sure you leave its doors wide open, this should help prevent mold growing in your fridge.

Now to avoid mold growing on your toilet seat, leave the toilet seat up before you leave especially if you’re leaving for long periods of time. Men, that’s the only time you’ll get away with doing that. Also, make sure you get rid of all food items, including vegetables and fruits. You don’t want to come back to an apartment smelling of rotten food.

Lastly, make sure you keep your apartment secure while you’re gone. Don’t leave portable valuables behind like jewelry and cash. Make sure you lock doors and close your blinds. If you have a friend living nearby ask them to pass by to check on your apartment now and then. Your friend may put the lights on and off now and then, and remove mail out of sight, so it isn’t obvious for potential thieves that your apartment is unoccupied and hence an easy target for them

Taking those easy steps will make your vacation a lot more enjoyable as you won’t have to worry about returning to a disaster back in your apartment.

Keeping Pets in your Apartment

You want to move to West End Apartments Nashville, but you’re not sure about what do with your beloved four-legged friend?  Pets are great companions wherever we’re living but the harsh truth is that there are limits to keeping pets in your apartment. While some pets do a lot better than others in small confined places like apartments others require space to run and exercise all day long. It’s important to understand the requirements of your pet and take your decision accordingly. There are also steps you can take to make your apartment more accommodating to your beloved pet.

Firstly, it is very important to check your apartment’s lease agreement before deciding to get a pet, it may be specified that pets are not allowed on the property some leases specify certain types of pets or breeds. There may also be specific rules pet owners may follow. So make sure you read your agreement very well before proceeding to getting a pet.

Even landlords who allow pets on property may require tenants to follow certain rules and regulations when it comes to keeping pets. Many require pets to be neutered, which is something you should definitely consider for your own sake as well as for your pet’s wellbeing within a confined apartment.

When it comes to types of pets, some types do better than others In West End Apartments. Cats for instance are a lot better at living within an apartment than dogs. Cats can remain active and interested in their surroundings even in the smallest of apartments without getting bored as long as they are getting the attention and care they need from their owners. Another advantage to cats in apartments is their ability to use litter boxes rather than having to go outside like dogs to do their business.

Dogs on the other hand may vary with how they react to living within an apartment; some breeds do better than others. Other breeds will struggle in apartments and would rather only be reserved to houses with large back yards. Most dogs require plenty of exercise on a daily basis and would require to be walked a few times a day. Housebreaking a dog may also become a challenge when living in an apartment since your dog won’t have continues access to a backyard.

It is also important to consider that pets may cause damage to your furniture and surroundings if not well trained, and if they’re not getting all the exercise they need.

If you’re a pet lover who wants a cat or a dog for companionship while you live in Apartments Nashville, then that could definitely be possible, however, it could be challenging and there are a lot of factors to consider.

Making Your Tiny Apartment Seem Larger

Living in one of the smaller west end apartments Nashville can feel nice and cozy, however it could also mean feeling cramped all the time. There are also many advantages to living in a small apartment like reducing costs on rent and utilities. However there are certainly challenges associated with living in a small apartment ranging from lack of storage place to not having enough place to accommodate all the guests. Luckily there are plenty of tips and tricks to make your tiny apartment seem larger than it actually is while making it more functional and accommodating for you and your guests.

One of the things you could do to make your apartment feel more spacious and also stand out among other west end apartments Nashville, is to lighten up. Use lighter colored furniture, tiles even carpet. Interior designers have recommended lighter colors for ages, lighter colors will give your apartment an airy and spacious feeling.

Another trick to increase the functionality of your small apartment is to use double duty furniture. Double duty furniture is furniture that could be used to serve more than a single purpose. Just imagine how much space you save by using a desk that could also be used as a dining room.

Do also make use of your walls for storage areas, vertical storage allows you to free up space on the floor by mounting everything up vertically. It’s the same concept as a skyscraper really, and there’s another advantage to vertical storage, you’ll never lose anything again if all the stuff are at eye sight level.

You may also want to add the impression of a higher ceiling to your apartment; this could be done with a bit of paint to make your walls seem taller. To achieve this illusion just tape  your ceiling one foot away from where it meets the wall, and then paint it the same color you have on your walls. This border will make your walls seem taller and your ceiling higher.

One more thing you could do to make your tiny apartment seem larger than it is, is to simply keep tidy. While owning a mug from every destination you’ve been to maybe your pride, this may not be ideal for small apartment dwellers. Keeping tables and shelves clear will create an impression of free space which aides your quest for a larger looking apartment. This could be your opportunity to get engaged in some philanthropy and donate a few pieces of furniture. You will be surprised coming back to your clutter free apartment by how much larger it seems.

So with slightly lighter furniture, making use of double duty furniture, using your walls for storage and applying a few optical illusions you can get your small apartment seem a lot larger than it actually is.