Making Your Tiny Apartment Seem Larger

Living in one of the smaller west end apartments Nashville can feel nice and cozy, however it could also mean feeling cramped all the time. There are also many advantages to living in a small apartment like reducing costs on rent and utilities. However there are certainly challenges associated with living in a small apartment ranging from lack of storage place to not having enough place to accommodate all the guests. Luckily there are plenty of tips and tricks to make your tiny apartment seem larger than it actually is while making it more functional and accommodating for you and your guests.

One of the things you could do to make your apartment feel more spacious and also stand out among other west end apartments Nashville, is to lighten up. Use lighter colored furniture, tiles even carpet. Interior designers have recommended lighter colors for ages, lighter colors will give your apartment an airy and spacious feeling.

Another trick to increase the functionality of your small apartment is to use double duty furniture. Double duty furniture is furniture that could be used to serve more than a single purpose. Just imagine how much space you save by using a desk that could also be used as a dining room.

Do also make use of your walls for storage areas, vertical storage allows you to free up space on the floor by mounting everything up vertically. It’s the same concept as a skyscraper really, and there’s another advantage to vertical storage, you’ll never lose anything again if all the stuff are at eye sight level.

You may also want to add the impression of a higher ceiling to your apartment; this could be done with a bit of paint to make your walls seem taller. To achieve this illusion just tape  your ceiling one foot away from where it meets the wall, and then paint it the same color you have on your walls. This border will make your walls seem taller and your ceiling higher.

One more thing you could do to make your tiny apartment seem larger than it is, is to simply keep tidy. While owning a mug from every destination you’ve been to maybe your pride, this may not be ideal for small apartment dwellers. Keeping tables and shelves clear will create an impression of free space which aides your quest for a larger looking apartment. This could be your opportunity to get engaged in some philanthropy and donate a few pieces of furniture. You will be surprised coming back to your clutter free apartment by how much larger it seems.

So with slightly lighter furniture, making use of double duty furniture, using your walls for storage and applying a few optical illusions you can get your small apartment seem a lot larger than it actually is.