Maintaining Your Apartment While You’re Gone on Vacation

Its summer time or holiday season and you’re excited about going on vacation. Whether you’re going back home or traveling to an exotic location, then you will be leaving your West End Apartments Nashville unoccupied for a while. If you are going to leave your apartment for a few months, there are several things you need to take care of before you leave. Those steps should take a couple hours of your time and shouldn’t be too complicated but could definitely save you a great amount of hassle later on and would provide you with the peace of mind you need while you’re away.

Before you leave, you need to get in touch with the utility company to make sure they will keep on your utilities. Inform them that you’ll be leaving and check for their recommendations on steps to take to keep your utilities on. You don’t want to come back to West End Apartments not to find electricity.

If it’s too hot or humid, you may want to keep your AC on, on a low level. Yes will need to pay to keep your apartment cool while you’re not there but that’s because you don’t want to ruin your furniture that could be a lot more costly. Keeping the AC on will maintain some air circulation in the apartment and keep the humidity down while you’re away. Humidity can potentially cause a lot of harm to your apartment’s walls as well as furniture.

Never unplug your fridge, unless you’re willing to let microbes and mold grow in your fridge potentially destroying your fridge. However, if you do decide to switch of the fridge then make sure you leave its doors wide open, this should help prevent mold growing in your fridge.

Now to avoid mold growing on your toilet seat, leave the toilet seat up before you leave especially if you’re leaving for long periods of time. Men, that’s the only time you’ll get away with doing that. Also, make sure you get rid of all food items, including vegetables and fruits. You don’t want to come back to an apartment smelling of rotten food.

Lastly, make sure you keep your apartment secure while you’re gone. Don’t leave portable valuables behind like jewelry and cash. Make sure you lock doors and close your blinds. If you have a friend living nearby ask them to pass by to check on your apartment now and then. Your friend may put the lights on and off now and then, and remove mail out of sight, so it isn’t obvious for potential thieves that your apartment is unoccupied and hence an easy target for them

Taking those easy steps will make your vacation a lot more enjoyable as you won’t have to worry about returning to a disaster back in your apartment.